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For 7 years ago we moved to Dorotea and started running Doro Camp Lapland. A decision we have never regretted! We still have a lot of confidence in the surroundings, Västerbotten and Lapland. All the time we get inspired and new ideas will be created. In 7 years we’ve changed a lot at the campsite; rebuild the old hostel to new apartments, renovated some cabins inside, outside we decorated the terrain, bought a new restaurant which we’re going to build up in 2017 and of course the work behind the scenes; new websites, logo’s etc.

In 2011 we started offering winter packages with snowmobiling, dog sledding etc. for our guests. A real success, it’s magnificent to show the turists snowy Lapland.
After 7 years we felt it was time to expand. Because we like the area and have the confidence in it we took the opportunity and bought in august this year Meselefors Vandrarhem & Camping, situated at the beautiful river ‘’Ångermanälven’’, 30 kilometers north of Doro Camp Lapland, between Dorotea and Vilhelmina.

Meselefors Vandrarhem & Camping is a cozy campsite, grounded about 25 years ago and perfect for those who like nature, watersports, quietness, fishing and hunting. The spacious pitches are close to the river and there’re 8 cabins and a hostel with two bedrooms.
Right now we’ve created a new website and we keep working with new projects all the time. Of course we’ll keep you updated about it!

This expansion will give us the opportunity to grow and it’s in our eyes the perfect addition on our current work! From now on we’ll welcome you in both Dorotea & Meselefors 🙂

Pictures of Meselefors

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