The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we encounter people and have experiences. We are proud of the fact that the unique northern nature that surrounds our location offers a clean, safe, and incomparable environment for our guests to enjoy. In addition to these pure nature experiences, we also want to guarantee the safety of our guests and employees with various measures.

General measures to ensure the safety of customers and staff

Hand sanitizing

Hand sanitizer is easily accessible for both guests and employees. Doro Camp provides hand sanitizer at key locations in all the public areas.

Safety distance

We keep a safe distance (1–2 meters) from guests and make sure to keep it. We ensure this also by instructing customers with various reminder signs.


All our excursions/activities are private. Only you, your family, and our guide.


Camping, cabins & apartments

As our guest you are probably spending your stay at Doro Camp in a caravan, camper van or by renting a cabin or apartment of us.

We believe that those of you staying at us with your own portable accommodation can control your local environment and thereby feel as secure at Doro Camp as you do at home.

If you instead decide to rent a cabin, you will have your own separate area, and we want to reassure you that there’ll be plenty of private space around your cabin. Most camping experiences are outdoors – which in itself is of great comfort. Everyone benefits from some fresh air. But to be able to minimize the risks of spreading the virus and to ensure a pleasant and safe stay with us, we have taken the following actions.

Shared spaces & service house
Cabins & apartments
In case of cancellation or re-booking
Cancellation policy
Help reduce the spread of covid-19

What you can do to reduce the risk for yourself and others

~ Stay Safe ~