You can come to the reception desk for information about the surrounding area and the various activities available. We are happy to help make your holiday as unforgettable as possible. There are free brochures, an ice cream shop and we sell fishing permits.


Wish to enjoy a (local) meal during your stay with us? In that case, we would like to welcome you to our restaurant. We have a modest menu with various local Lapland delicacies. The restaurant has space for 30, a high chair for the little ones, and colouring books and toys for the kids.

Public bathrooms

Many of the campgroundā€™s facilities are found in and around the public bathroom building. On the ground floor there are roomy showers, toilets, baby changing rooms, sinks for dishwashing, a laundry machine and a dryer, and a dump for chemical toilet waste. There are separate facilities for those with disabilities. The first floor has a kitchenand a dining space. All facilities are freely accessible by our guests, although a small fee is charged for use of the laundry machine and dryer.

Want to stay with us?