This page provides an overview of the prices.

Campground in summer

Caravan/campervan incl. 4 ppl. and electricity250 kr./night
1500 kr./week
Caravan/campervan incl. 4 ppl. no electricity210 kr./night
1260 kr./week
Tent incl. 4 ppl. no electricity170 kr./night
1020 kr./week

Cabins in summer

4-person cabin650 kr./night
4350 kr./week
4+1-person cabin700 kr./night
4750 kr./week
2-person comfort cabin – 22750 kr./night
5100 kr./week
2-person comfort cabin – 23750 kr./night
5100 kr./week

Cabins in winter

4-person cabin700 kr./night
4750 kr./week
4+1-person cabin750 kr./night
5100 kr./week
2-person comfort cabin – 22800 kr./night
5450 kr./week
2-person comfort cabin – 23800 kr./night
5450 kr./week

Apartments in summer

2-person apartment550 kr./night
3700 kr./week

Apartments in winter

2-person apartment600 kr./night
4050 kr./week

Cleaning (optional)

Day of departure cleaning cabins/apartments.

1 night150 kr.
2 - 4 nights200 kr.
5 nights or more350 kr.

Other prices

Additional person per plot25 kr./night
Showering for non-guests40 kr.
Disposable set of sheets (fitted sheet, undersheet, pillowcase)89 kr.
Towel rental25 kr.
Sauna for two hours250 kr.
Large towel rental for use in sauna30 kr.
Laundry machine & dryer80 kr.
Laundry detergent20 kr.
Canoe for one day incl. life vests & paddle250 kr.
Canoe pick-up service up to 30 km200 kr.
Firewood (60-litre bag)60kr.
Wildsafari1 person 600 kr.
2 persons or more 400 kr. p.p.

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