Within and around Dorotea are various different things to see. From viewpoints to museums and from waterfalls to train rides. Dorotea has more to offer than you think. Check out the map and look for the locations marked with a Binocular.


The area surrounding our campground is very suitable for some fantastic canoeing. We’ll take you from the campground to the starting point, from which you can canoe along routes that range in length from half a day to 5 days. It is likely that along the way you’ll spot beavers swimming close to your canoe. This, combined with Sweden’s pure and untouched natural surroundings, will make for an unforgettable experience! We can provide you with various canoe routes at the reception desk. Alternatively, there are arrangements that include a canoe trip in combination with other activities.

Walking and hiking

Beautiful trails can be walked virtually everywhere. Real mountain hiking is primarily done in the area surrounding Borgafjäll, closer to the Norwegian border. Good mountain maps (fjällkarta) are sold at the reception desk, and we can also supply you with additional information about the area. On a multiday trek through the mountains you are allowed to pitch your tent anywhere and spend the night on the spot.


The fishing is excellent in South Lapland’s lakes and rivers. Especially fly-fishing is popular in this region. You can spend an amazing day fishing off the shore of a vast lake, frying some sausages above a campfire halfway through the day for lunch. In this way, you can combine pleasure with peace!

Daytrip on the Inlandsbanan

Because Doro Camp has its own Inlandsbanan rail station, it is possible to take the train on a day trip to for instance Storuman. Get a different perspective of Sweden! The reception is happy to advise you about train times and provide you with tips to make your train ride a great one.


Are you interested in a sleddogtour with husky’s in Lapland? Do you like dogs? Looking for adventure? Or just for relaxation? With a sleddogtour in Lapland you can combine a relaxing activity with a spectacular activity.

Compose your trip yourself

Besides this activity we have much more activities that will make your trip to Lapland one to never forget. Because we are a small organisation and live in the area, we can offer you,  more affordable than any other organisation, an amazing trip. Contact us if you want more information. We are happy to share our enthousiasm for this wonderful region.